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Hello y'all!
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night (or if you are like me, you're probably reading this at half past two in the morning!). Whatever time of day it is where you are!

So I thought I'd do something a little different a couple of days ago. This time of year really depresses me! I know that's a tad odd. . . most people start to feel better at this time of year. You know, when there is more sunlight, more time in the day (well not really, but it sure feels like it) You can wear less layers when you venture outside! 

But, I'm a little strange. I really don't like the summer months. I don't like waking up at three in the morning and hearing the birds. I don't like being hot. I really don't like being hot. I'm a winter baby through and through. 

I decided to do a bit of a mini juice cleanse, to get myself out of my little funk. . . and then I discovered my love of making juice! I love blending, so it didn't really come as much of a surprise!

Just see what I mean. I went for a walk the other day, and some of the trees outside look like this :


and some look like this! 


. . . don't get me wrong, I love blossom on trees! - it's absolutely gorgeous. 
it's not nature I'm against. I think it's just . . . oh I don't know. I don't think I ever will, all I know is I love the end of summer when it starts getting cooler!




You're telling me you don't drink your juice out of a champagne glass??! You should. It makes it feel special! Being that I don't drink wine/ champagne / hardly any alcoholic beverage at all, champagne glasses don't get much of an outing in our house! I'll probably end up toasting my marriage with a glass of beet and raspberry juice! Not that I'm complaining, can you picture a party, baby shower or something with champagne glasses of brightly coloured juices? beautiful!


It's sooo much fun juicing, you can get carried away. But there are so many different combos, and it's super easy to hide extra veg ("nutrients" as my man calls them. He lives on a diet of carbs and fat. I'm trying to fix it!) in glasses of juice as well. Have fun! and if you come up with any delicious combos. . . let me know! I'm always in need of new recipes. 

Much love!

Recipe :
Carrot, ginger and orange
3 carrots
3 oranges
thumb sized bit of ginger

Kiwi, apple and lime

1 apple
2 kiwi's
1 lime

Beet, raspberry and lemon
1 cooked beet
1 cup raspberries
1 lemon.


Notes :

Obviously the best way to obtain juice from fruits and vegetables is to use a juicer designed for the job! However I know some people don't have a juicer.  
The best way I have found without using a juicer is to chop the ingredients up into thumb sized pieces and process well in a food processor. Some of the vegetables, like the carrots for instance sometimes require a bit of water ( approx. 1/4 cup) to get them going.
Once you have achieved a nice smooth paste, place a fine mesh sieve inside a bowl, and then lay a piece of muslin (usually used in jam making) inside the sieve. 
Pour the paste through the muslin. You may have to squeeze it through!

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