Thursday, 10 April 2014

Coconut Ice Cream

Ice cream titles

OK, so it may not quite be the time of year for ice cream yet. . . but it sure is close!


If anyone has seen my old blog. .  . before I became fully vegan, way back in the beginning when I began exploring different vegan food, you will have seen my first attempts at vegan ice cream.

I made one with coconut milk, and one with rice milk (I called it "rice cream" ; yeaa I know, I'm witty!).


I'd managed to get the texture about right, but when it lived in the freezer, you needed to let it defrost for about 15 minutes before you served it, mainly because it froze SOLID almost like a sorbet.


Then a couple of weeks ago I saw Ashley's post on ice cream and I had a bit of a "dammit! why didn't I have that genius idea??!?" moment. 


What a bloomin genius move!


in adding the alcohol (it's only a minute amount) the freezing point is lowered slightly, and doesn't freeze like a block.

In all honesty as much as I love Ashley's blog. . . I was slightly jealous I hadn't thought that one through. 


I didn't decide to make ice cream to keep in the freezer until summer. . . oh no!. I'm currently having a few problems with my wisdom teeth *sad face*! They've been coming through for yeeearrrsss. . and every now and then decide that they want to come through a little more. 

To be honest with you, I've been getting a little bored of eating on one side of my mouth. . it's awkward! (a lot of banana smoothies have been consumed of late!)

So whilst everyone is still waiting for summer. . . I'm going to eat ice cream! . . . in spring!

Recipe :
1 tin coconut milk
400 ml Soy milk
(see notes)
1/3 cup Kithul treacle (see notes)
1 tbsp Arrowroot powder (see notes)
1 tbsp vodka

1. Stir the arrowroot powder with a couple of tbsp's of the soy milk in a small bowl.
2. Add the remaining milk to a pan with the coconut milk, heat gently over a medium heat.
3. Pour the Kithul treacle into the pan with the arrowroot powder mixture, stir well and continue to heat until the mixture thickens. This won't take long.
4. Remove the pan from the heat and cool the mixture to room temperature. This will take about an hour.
5. Stir in the vodka and add the entire mixture to an ice cream maker.(see notes)according to your machines instructions (see notes).
6. When frozen, transfer to a freezer safe container and place in the freezer.

Substitutions :

Soy milk - I have used rice milk in the past which works really well because it is naturally sweeter than soy milk. I think it would be possible to use any non-dairy milk here.

Kithul treacle - Non-strict vegans could use honey, you could also use maple syrup, agave or coconut nectar.

Arrowroot Powder - Cornflower works really well here too.

Notes :

I have an ice-cream maker which doesn't require the bowl part being pre-frozen (it's a bit of an industrial model) but I know a lot of home ice cream makers do require the bowl to be frozen overnight before hand. If you don't own an ice cream maker it is still completely plausible to make this ice cream.
When the mixture is cooled transfer to a freezer proof tub. At hour intervals for the first three hours, take a fork and whisk the mixture to break up large ice crystals forming.

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