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Raspberry Breakfast Bars

Raspberry Titles

OK, so it is a well known fact that I am the worst person in the entire world for eating breakfast. 

My excuse was that it takes time for my stomach to wake up. . . If I eat when I just get up, I end up feeling really sick for the entire morning.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to make time for eating breakfast,  only, we don't always have time to wake up in the morning, spend an hour or so, then have something to eat, then get ready. On the weekend, it's fine, but sadly, not every morning is a weekend morning!


That was a very rambly way (I'm good at rambling!) of saying that portable breakfasts are saviours!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Our freezer is full of literally nothing but fruit. 
fruit. fruit and a bit more fruit.
My brothers nightmare!

I've been slowly working through the bags of frozen berries, trying to use them up. This is one of my favourite recipes. I'm not entirely sure where it has evolved from, but I'm almost 100% certain it will be a mixture of recipes from my own head, Katie and Angela


What do you do with flax?!

I know some people mix it with warm water and drink the goopy mixture. Can't say that particularly appeals to me. At all. And truth be told I'm not too fond of the taste. 

For some unknown reason,  I decided to combine the flax with this raspberry protein bar recipe. I really like the outcome (I've made multiple times. Can't complain!)


I also love wrapping up little parcels. I.e. I like to mess around with my food. 
I had way too much fun wrapping them all up.

This really did inspire me to try a little harder with breakfast. In fact I'm considering making a fresh batch tomorrow to take to my loves house. (he never eats. unless it's fried.) I'm currently trying to improve his nutrition. We are both on a mission to get healthy. 
Exercise (check!)

Now I just need to stop smoking and doing drugs. *

*please excuse my terribly sarcastic sense of humour. I am fully aware there are only a handful of people who find me funny. One of those is me. 

Recipe :
2/3 cup walnuts (see notes)
2/3 cup cashews
3/4 cup dates
1/2 cup raspberries (see notes)
1 tbsp agave
1 tbsp flax
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp freeze dried raspberries, to serve

1. In a food processor, grind the walnuts and cashews until they look like (gritty, stony) wet sand! (see notes)
2. add in the dates,raspberries,agave, flax and cocoa, and continue to pulse until a dough forms.
3. Press the dough into a tin, approx 9" square, lined with greaseproof paper, and sprinkle over the freeze dried raspberries.
4. Leave to firm up, usually overnight in the fridge.
5. Tip the mixture out, and using a pizza cutter (see notes) slice into bar shapes.

Substitutions :
walnuts/ cashews - really a lot of different nuts can be substituted into recipes like these. You could try whatever you felt like, although I recommend nuts with a milder flavour.

Notes :

Raspberries - depending on how fresh your fruit is, you may find that you have too much water in your dough, therefore sometimes I find that I need to add a couple of tbsps of almond meal in as well.

Wet Sand! - You can leave your nuts as chunky as you wish, I just prefer them finer (I came to this conclusion today, the chunkier versions get stuck in my teeth!)

Pizza Cutter - I just find it SO much easier to cut mixtures like this (and get a relatively straight line) with a Pizza Cutter.

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