Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chocolate and Raspberry Layered Mousse.

Raspberry mousse title

When I started conjuring up this recipe, it was simply because we had an abundance of frozen fruit left over from the summer in our freezer.

I'm not one big into celebrating Valentines day. . . probably a good thing when The Man has forgotten pretty effectively for the last three years. . . 

Needless to say, the theme, nothing to do with Valentines, until I decided that actually, the red of the fruit, the red of the glasses, the pink of the mousse, I suddenly came over all festive!

So, if you find yourself cooking for your loved one on Valentines Day, and you don't want to put them in sugar coma (This is completely sugar free, didn't you know?!) and you want to show them how much you love them by compiling a really complex dessert ( I'm lying, this is the quickest thing to compile, ever.) then here you go, courtesy of me!

Happy Early-Valentines Day! 


(The Fruit : The smushed up Raspberries no one loved in the summer!)


(First make a Raspberry Puree)


(Lets Face it, Tofu is ugly, bland, and has a slightly off-putting texture.)



(Layer Uno!)


(The magic fake Chocolate! - 0 sugar here friends)


(It was honestly quite hard to stop myself eating it all out of the blender cup.)


(Layered and pretty, ready for your special meal!)


1 cup of frozen Raspberries, defrosted 
1/2 block of Tofu (approx 1 Cup) (See Note)
1/4 Cup Cocoa
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (See Note)
2 Tbsp Agave
1 Tsp Vanilla
Some form of dry sweetner (I used Stevia) (See Note)

1.Take the defrosted Raspberries and place in a blender, blend until they become a puree. 
2. Strain the Raspberry puree through a sieve to remove the majority of the pips, don't worry about removing them all, it will not affect the end product. 
3. Cut the Tofu into 2'' cubes and add the blender. Blend the Raspberries and the Tofu until combined.
4. Reserve approximately 3 Tbsp's of the Raspberry and Tofu mix. You may find you need to add a little sweetness to this mixture, depending on how naturally sweet your Raspberries were. I suggest only adding a little at a time. I used 1/2 tsp of Stevia in the Raw.
5. In a seperate bowl combine the Cocoa, Coconut Oil, Agave and Vanilla, mix thoroughly to avoid clumps of Cocoa.
6. Add this mixture to the blender, and blend throroughly.
7. Spoon a little of the Raspberry and Tofu mixture into the bottom of your serving glasses. Then add the chocolate mixture to form the layers. 



Tofu : I have seen many different recipes for desserts using Tofu, and most of them call for Silken Tofu, now, I don't know where one would go about finding Silken Tofu, but this is the only Tofu my local supermarket sells. So I use it! Therefore I don't particularly think it matters!

Coconut Oil should be melted, depending on your climate you may/ may not already have it in liquid form. I find the easiest way to get the coconut oil to liquid form is to boil a pan of water, and then stand the coconut oil container inside the pan, off the heat. It takes about ten minutes to melt the coconut oil this way. (my coconut oil comes in a glass bottle)

Depending on your opinions on different types of sugar and sugar alternatives you can use a plethora of different dry sweetners. You could use ordinary white sugar or Splenda (but that depends on your view of Aspartame) It would also be possible to use a little Agave, although I have found you need to be careful with that, as it makes the consistency of the mousse too runny.

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