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Basics : Vegan Mayonnaise.


OK, so I debated with myself for quite some time whether or not I should actually post this recipe! It's something I use quite a lot, but it doesn't really taste of much.

It's something that comes in uber handy, yet is compiled of predominantly two ingredients smushed together.

I didn't really want to insult your intelligence by posting it, but you know, even if it's just on record here it is. There are many different versions of this flying around, but I thought I'd add mine into the mix!

Sometimes, try as I might, I cannot do without condiments! I will be the first person to tell you exactly how much sugar is in Tomato Ketchup, or how much fat is in Mayonnaise, but you sometimes just need something!

Try French Fries without any sauce! It's wrong! It doesn't work!

We had Burrito's the other evening, and where a burrito made with meat would be more moist(?!), when it's made with beans and rice. . . not so much! This sauce worked really well. I'm calling it a mayonnaise, and I've seen dozens of incarnations of this recipe with different quantities of the ingredients, some adding extras, some not, which name it a mayonnaise. However if you have ever really tasted traditional mayonnaise, you can't quite put your finger on what exactly makes it so mayonnaise-y! It's slightly salty, but I really think that it is the texture which makes it so distinct. Sadly it's a texture which is quite difficult to replicate. I can't promise that this is the most flavour-full condiment ever, but I do find it really useful. As I mentioned I used it in Burrito assembly, I used it to make a coleslaw, I even used it to make a simple dip for carrot sticks by adding some chilli flakes, a tad agave, a pinch of chilli powder and some chilli paste. I think Harissa paste added would make a brilliant sauce.

(Unpressed Tofu, cut into cubes, ready to be obliterated!)

Basically what I'm trying to communicate, in my own, very special way, is that I wouldn't eat this on it's own, as it can be a bit bland, but I use it on loads of different things, which is what it is for, in my mind.


I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready for all of the fun and games which begin on Monday mornings. (I apologise) Remember, every week is a new one, "No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again" - Buddha

Wishing everyone love and light.


Olive Oil (See Notes)
Tofu (See Notes)
water (See Notes)

1. Drain the Tofu, and slice into small (1 inch-ish) cubes.
2. Place into a blender, (See Notes) with the Olive Oil and water.
3. Blend until smooth! Season with Salt if desired. (I like to add approx 1tsp per cup)

The blender I used was of a "magic bullet" style as I find it the perfect size for small projects like this, and I do not require the full power of a larger machine!
I haven't specified quantities for this recipe as it is completely subjective. However I find for every cup full of Tofu, unpressed, 2tbsp of Oil, and 1tbsp of Water is about right, however if this is not smooth enough, or liquid enough just add more water!

I specifically did not press the Tofu before I used it, but I did make sure that it was fully drained and rinsed before I began cutting it. 


Olive Oil - I don't usually like to use Olive Oil, it's just not my favourite ingredient! However I do think it works best in this recipe, and other oils probably wouldn't work as well. Sesame Oil would most certainly be too overpowering, for a mayonnaise, but if you were to adapt this recipe into another form of salad dressing, then it could be used. One of my favourite all time flavours is garlic! A couple of months ago, I made some of my own garlic oil and some chilli oil as well. I used some of the garlic oil in a batch of mayonnaise, which gave it almost an Alliolli-like taste. Allioli is something my family have traditionally had for. . .ever! I was never entirely sure what the difference between Allioli and Garlic Mayonnaise was, however as my brother has intelligently informed me, "where we make Allioli by smashing the garlic with the oil and then adding to the egg and oil, Garlic Mayonnaise is made by emulsifying the oil and egg, then stirring in garlic" Allioli is generally mellower in taste than Garlic Mayo and I find it much nicer. Less Kabab and more Seafood on the beach! I do have plans to try the Chilli Oil, which I have yet to try. I have high hopes though!

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